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Updated Matt Nathanson 2015 North American Tour Schedule
Joins The Train 2015 "Picasso at the Wheel" Tour With The Fray
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Update 6/7/2015 With the huge gap in concert dates folk & rock singer Matt Nathanson may add more concert dates to the schedule. However, the table below reflects an accurate concert schedule of major North American venue concert dates & Matt Nathanson concert tickets. The table scans for updates every time the page loads. So, be sure to bookmark us & check back often for changes.

Update 1/17/2015 Train has announced details for an extensive 2015 "Picasso at the Wheel" Tour with The Fray & Matt Nathanson. The tour begins on May 21st with a concert in Wheatland, CA at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre. Although subject to change, the tour is currently scheduled to end with a concert in Sacramento, CA at the Ace of Spades on December 6th. The table below reflects an accurate N. American concert schedule, as of today. Be sure to bookmark us & check back often for updates.

Train will be promoting their 7th studio album "Bulletproof Picasso" (tracklist below) [Buy Album], which was released in September of 2014. The album reached #5 on the U.S. Billboard 200 & #9 on the U.K. Albums music charts.

Last February The Fray released their 4th studio album "Helios" (tracklist below) [Buy Album]. They will likely continue promoting the album. It hit #2 on the U.S. Top Rock Albums & #8 on the U.S. Billboard 200 music charts.

Matt Nathanson will be promoting his 8th studio album "Last of the Great Pretenders" (tracklist below) [Buy Album]. His last album was released in June of 2011. It is titled "Modern Love" (tracklist below) [Buy Album] & peaked at #17 on the U.S. Billboard 200.

Tracklist for the "Bulletproof Picasso" album is as follows:
[Buy the Train Bulletproof Picasso Album]

1. "Cadillac, Cadillac"
2. "Bulletproof Picasso"
3. "Angel in Blue Jeans"
4. "Give It All"
5. "Wonder What You're Doing for the Rest of Your Life" (featuring Marsha Ambrosius)
6. "Son of a Prison Guard"
7. "Just a Memory"
8. "I'm Drinkin' Tonight"
9. "I Will Remember"
10. "The Bridge"
11. "Baby, Happy Birthday"
12. "Don't Grow Up So Fast"

Live in San Francisco bonus disc

1. "Drive By"
2. "Calling All Angels"
3. "Save Me, San Francisco"
4. "Hey, Soul Sister"
5. "Drops of Jupiter"

Tracklist for the "Helios" album is as follows:
[Buy The Fray Helios Album]

1. "Hold My Hand"
2. "Love Don't Die"
3. "Give It Away"
4. "Closer to Me"
5. "Hurricane"
6. "Keep on Wanting"
7. "Our Last Days"
8. "Break Your Plans"
9. "Wherever This Goes"
10. "Shadow and a Dancer"
11. "Same As You"

Japanese bonus tracks

12. "Winter Sun"
13. "500,000 Acres"

Tracklist for the "Last of the Great Pretenders" album is as follows:
[Buy the Matt Nathanson Last of the Great Pretenders Album]

1. Earthquake Weather
2. Mission Bells
3. Last Days of Summer in San Francisco
4. Kinks Shirt
5. Sky High Honey
6. Annie s Always Waiting (For the New One to Leave)
7. Kill The Lights
8. Heart Starts
9. Birthday Girl
10. Sunday New York Times
11. Farewell, December

Tracklist for the "Modern Love" album is as follows:
[Buy the Matt Nathanson Modern Love Album]

1. "Faster"
2. "Modern Love"
3. "Love Comes Tumbling Down"
4. "Room @ the End of the World"
5. "Kiss Quick"
6. "Mercy"
7. "Kept"
8. "Run" (featuring Sugarland)
9. "Queen of (K)nots"
10. "Drop to Hold You"
11. "Bottom of the Sea"

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